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It’s time to gain the competitive edge.

I'm here to help.

With nearly three decades of experience, I’ve created custom database solutions across a host of industries, from small businesses, K-12 education, universities, restaurants, and real estate franchises.

Although each business is different, my clients share a common concern: They need a best-of-class solution to shape their business and infrastructure so they can not only bypass the competition, but hold onto that edge long into the future.

Our first step together will be to develop a detailed project map. Why?Because when it comes to your business, surprises are rarely a good thing. By implementing a project map, you’ll all but eliminate unexpected surprises.

Your goals, timeline, and budget form a storyboard and an estimate, a virtual project plan for us to follow. Whether I’m building a system from scratch or integrating new features into your existing database, the project map provides clear direction, a firm deadline and cost to completion. 

Not every developer operates this way. But with nearly 35 years of industry experience under my belt, it’s a process that works…and works well.



A certified developer since 1989, I’ve provided hundreds of clients, large and small, with customizable FileMaker solutions, ongoing support, and training. 

Beyond simple installations, I develop easy-to-use solutions that focus on adaptability, efficiency and fast data analysis; freeing you up to spend time on the day-to-day business where your expertise is needed. I specialize in systems integration and implementation to keep your workflow running smoothly. Heavy emphasis is also placed on mobile-centric solutions, because ensuring peak productivity -- wherever you happen to be -- is a necessity for the businesses of today. 

Claris FileMaker is a best-in-class database management solution. It's customizable, flexible, and simple to use. And most importantly, it delivers significant return on investment. That’s just good business.

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Certified Versions 7 through 18

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DevCon Speaker 2007, 2017, 2018



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